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How to Apply


How to use the GGC Education Abroad Portal

If you think studying abroad is right for you, start by reviewing the steps below
  1. Review the Study Abroad Policy to determine eligibility and requirements.
  2. Explore study abroad programs and financing options.
    1. You can search programs in our website under the “PROGRAMS” tab. “PROGRAMS” tab will take you directly to GGC’s programs.
      1. GGC Programs” will list our faculty-led and USG programs;
      2. List All” will show all programs available on the Portal;
      3. Simple Search” you sort by city, country, region, term, and/or keywords;
      4. Advanced Search” gives more sorting options;
      5. Map Search” shows programs available on a world map
  3. If you need more information, you can meet with the study abroad program director for faculty-led and USG programs, or the Office of Internationalization.
  4. Select a study abroad program, apply to the program in the GGC Education Abroad Portal.
    1. Go to the program on GGC Education Abroad Portal  and click the “Apply Now” at the right side or bottom of the page. A message will appear; click “OK” to confirm, or “Cancel” to exit.
    2. Select "I have a MyGGC username and password," and login with your GGC credentials (the first part of your GGC email and GGC password). Once logged in, choose the term and year which you want to go abroad (e.g. Spring Break 2017), then click “Apply”.
    3. You will have successfully applied for the study abroad program! You will be notified via email of your application creation, and you will also be notified whether your application was approved or rejected.
  5. When a decision has been made about your application, you will receive an email informing you of the decision.
    1. Log in to our website to check what decision has been made: approved, rejected, and wait-listed.
  6. If your application has been approved, you will be prompted to choose whether you want to “Commit” to the program, or “Decline” participation if you’re no longer interested.
    1. "Commit" means you're committed to the program
    2. "Decline" automatically withdraws you from the program
  7. Complete all acceptance forms in our GGC Education Abroad Portal before the deadline for approval.
    1. Once committed, you must fill out all the information required! Be sure to fill out ALL required fields. Any missing requirement and/or documents will result in delays or ineligibility to participate in the program!
    2. Please note: program provider participants will still need to apply with the provider of their choosing. You will also be required to upload a scanned or saved copy of ALL forms being completed with the program provider.
  8. Make all payments by the appropriate deadline.
  9. Check your email frequently for messages from the program director or program provider, and Office of Internationalization.
  10. If using financial aid, check with the Financial Aid Office about options to finance your study abroad program.
  11. Follow all instructions from your program director/program provider AND the Office of Internationalization regarding payments, passports, visas, vaccines, orientations and coursework.
  12. Pay for your program fee in full according to the program’s payment schedule. If GGC courses are taken as part of your program, tuition and fees MUST be paid before your departure.
  13. Apply to scholarships for which you may be eligible.
  14. Attend the mandatory pre-departure orientation organized by your program director and/or program provider AND the Office of Internationalization.

If you still need more information, you can sign-up for a Study Abroad 101 Session by going to Getting Started or contacting the Office of Internationalization at

We look forward to your Studying Abroad in the near future!

Dr. Funwi Ayuninjam
 Director for Office of Internationalization