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USG Programs


The USG programs include all public colleges and universities within the state. USG programs tend to be around the same cost and are often led by a faculty member from the host USG institution. To participate in a program through another USG institution, you will need to apply as a "transient" student to that school as well as apply to the particular study abroad program. Each institution is different, so please pay special attention to the instructions given to you by the contact person for that specific program.


European Council

Study in Berlin, Edinburgh, London, Madrid, Paris, St. Petersburg, Waterford

The European Council (EC) seeks to foster greater understanding and appreciation of the cultures and societies of Europe by sponsoring programs and activities for the University System of Georgia’s students, faculty and institutions. The EC sponsors summer study abroad programs for USG students and transients at seven locations in Europe that last 2-5 weeks. Most courses are taught by faculty from EC member institutions. While most of the enrollment is from USG institutions, students from other colleges and universities throughout the US are also encouraged to enroll. Students in all EC programs blend classroom experiences with group and individual project and will earn GGC credit. 

Faculty contacts:
  • Dr. Beth Mauldin - - (404) 441-8604
  • Dr. Marieke Schilpzand - - (404) 919-0477

Learn more about the Berlin, Germany program.
Learn more about the Edinburgh, Scotland program.
Learn more about the London, England program.
Learn more about the Madrid, Spain program.
Learn more about the Paris, France program.
Learn more about the St. Petersburg, Russia program.
Learn more about the Waterford, Ireland program.

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Asia Council

Zhengzhou University, China

The program offers courses in  art, economics, history, communications, political science, religious studies, and criminal justice. Earn 6 undergraduate or graduate semester hours. The host institution is Zhengzhou University which has a student population of 35,000. The city is close to many historical and cultural sites including the famous Shaolin Monastery where martial arts traditions were established. The program fee includes round-trip airfare, lodging and most meals, field trips and excursions, most ground transportation, and visa application.

Location: Zhengzhou, China.

For more information go to the program's page.
  • Dr. Baogang Guo, Program Director, (706) 272-2678
  • Dr. Wilson Huang, Co-director,, (229) 333-5486

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Osaka, Japan

The program in Japan offers courses in Japanese language and Culture. Earn 6 undergraduate semester hours. The host institution is located just twenty minutes away from the beautiful cities of Osaka and Kyoto. The city is close to many historical and cultural sites like Kinkaukuji, or the Golden Pavilion.  The program fee includes round-trip airfare, lodging, some field trips and excursions to Tokyo and Hiroshima.  The program doe not include food costs. 

Location: Osaka area, Japan.

For more information go to the program's page.

Contact: Dr. Michael Stoltzfus - - (470) 217-5924

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Healthcare in the Philippines

Understand the interrelationship of culture and evidence-based healthcare on the island of Bohol.  Conduct research on the Filipino healthcare system by exploring healthcare sites and interacting with actual healthcare providers and their clients.  Experience the unique cultural combination of east and west through excursions to archeological sites and other places of historical, cultural and societal importance.  This country comprised of thousands of islands provides a unique backdrop for healthcare students to experience the integration of theory and practice. 

Academic Focus: This program is designed for nursing students, who have preferably already been accepted into a cohort.

Courses: NRSG 3990: Culture and Evidence Based Healthcare (3 credits).  Students can petition to have this count towards their research requirement.

Location: Bohol, Philippines.

For more information go to the program's page.

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Americas Council

La Serena, Chile

The program takes place in the city of La Serena which is located on the Pacific Coast of central Chile. The program offers a variety of courses as well as many opportunities to explore and experience the rich culture and breath-taking landscapes of the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains. Courses will be held in connection with the University of La Serena, with a magnificent view of the city  We will visit museums, churches, historical sites and at least one of the many astronomical observatories in the Andes Mountains.  Students will spend 4 days in Chile’s capital city of Santiago, to tour the historic and modern metropolitan attractions. The schedule includes an optional day of skiing in the world renowned El Colorado ski resort in the snowy peaks of the Andes Mountains.

Location: La Serena, Chile

Contact: Dr. Eugene Berger - - (678) 964-5851

For more information go to the program's page.


Other USG Programs

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