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USG Programs


 To participate in a program through another USG institution, you will need to apply as a "transient" student to that school as well as apply to the particular education abroad program. Each institution is different, so please pay special attention to the instructions given to you by the contact person for that specific program. Make sure you are checking in with the internationalization department to make sure you have completed ALL requirements for BOTH the GGC application and the other USG or abroad institution's applicaiton.


Asia Council


Osaka, Japan

The program in Japan offers courses in Japanese language and Culture. Earn 6 undergraduate semester hours. The host institution is located just twenty minutes away from the beautiful cities of Osaka and Kyoto. The city is close to many historical and cultural sites like Kinkaukuji, or the Golden Pavilion.  The program fee includes round-trip airfare, lodging, some field trips, and excursions to Tokyo and Hiroshima.  The program doe not include food costs. 

Location: Osaka area, Japan.

Contact: Dr. Michael Stoltzfus -


USG Goes Global Programs

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