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Current Grizzlies Abroad


All students are required to attend pre-departure meetings hosted by the Office of Internationalization and the program director to prepare them for a safe and enjoyable experience abroad. All students going abroad are required to complete safety abroad videos followed by a Safety Abroad assessment. Applications will not be finalized until all pre-departure materials are checked off, education abroad student assistants will be holding pre-departure sessions for each abroad program.
Please consider these helpful resources before and when abroad:
  •  The U.S. Department of State's Students Abroad site issues country-specific travel advisories and up-to-date information on health and safety issues.
  • The Students Abroad - Health provides detailed information on staying healthy while traveling, including a list of required immunizations and other health recommendations.
  • Student safety is our number one priority, and all study abroad participants are required to apply for the travel insurance policy with Cultural Insurance Services International.
  • All students will be given emergency contact booklets during pre-departure sessions.