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Getting Started


If you would like to receive more information on the Study Abroad process or sign-up for a Study Abroad 101 session, please click on the link below; select "I have a MyGGC username and password," and sign in with your GGC credentials (first part of your GGC email and GGC password). Once logged in, you can choose one of the dates for the Study Abroad 101 sessions.

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Things to consider:
  • STEP 1:  FIND A PROGRAM: Programs can be searched by specific location, area of study, length of stay, and region. Think about locations, if you have several places you are interested in, browse some articles about the country; also think about your area of study.
  • STEP 2:  HOW TO PAY FOR IT: An international education does not have to be expensive. Something can be found for every budget. 
    • Financial aid may apply! If you are currently receiving a grant or scholarship, chances are it can be used for study abroad. Contact the Financial Aid office to learn more
    • $cholarships and Loans. Check out our scholarship page
    • Crowdfunding. This is a way to receive financial support from friends, family, and anyone else who would like to help! Online platforms allow aspiring travelers to create fundraisers the help raise money.
  • STEP 3:  APPLY AND PREPARE: The Office of Internationalization will assist you in the application process. Such as signing up for courses, international health insurance, and selection of best program. 
    • Plan before you go.  Each location and experience will call for different requirements. Make sure you have a passport, or that you apply for one well in advance because it takes several weeks!
  • STEP 4: RETURNING HOME: Sorry, you typically have to come back. Although many students choose to prolong their stay by adding another semester or finding internships. Either way, the return can be bitter-sweet. You will bring many things back home, but also leave much behind.
We look forward to your Studying Abroad in the near future!

Funwi Ayuninjam
Director of Office of Internationalization