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Getting Started

  • STEP 2: FIND A PROGRAM: programs can be searched/filtered by location, area of study, length of stay, region, and more. Research the country and program, and make sure it is a good fit for you. You can meet with an academic advisor to determine what GGC courses are required/can fit into for your degree program, but they cannot advise on course equivalencies from abroad universities! Within your application, there will be forms to fill out with instructions on these processes.
  • STEP 3:  FILL OUT GGC APPLICATION: There is likely a second application and/or nomination process if you are not doing a GGC faculty-led program! Read your program page and forms thoroughly for instructions and requirements. Check with Abagail Logwood at when you think you are completely done with your application. Do not assume!‚Äč
  • STEP 4: FIGURE OUT $$$: An international education does not have to be expensive. Something can be found for every budget. 
    • Financial aid: If you are currently receiving a grant or scholarship, chances are it can be used for study abroad tuition. Contact Financial Aid to confirm the exact amount and how this is dispersed. 
    • Scholarships and Grant Programs: Keep in mind that most scholarships work as reimbursement, and you will likely have payment deadlines before notification or disbursement of these funds.
    • Crowdfunding. This is a way to receive financial support from friends, family, community organizations, and anyone else who would like to help. You can use online platforms to create crowdfunding pages are more. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box.
      • Plan before you go.  Each location and experience will call for different requirements. Make sure you have a passport or that you apply for one well in advance because it takes several weeks! Check visa requirements for your study abroad location(s)
  • STEP 5: RETURNING HOME: Sorry, you typically have to come back. Although many students choose to prolong their stay by adding another semester or finding internships. Either way, make sure you are taking care of any transcript requirements for the Registrar to review and that your degree program is on track.

Reach out for an advising appointment or email for any questions!

Abagail Logwood
Internationalization Specialist