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GGC International Education Fund (IEF)


The IEF is a GGC fund created to assist students who want to participate in study abroad programs.
To be eligible, at the time of application, students must:
  • have been enrolled the previous semester and be working toward completion of a degree program at GGC
  • have earned 24 credit hours
  • have a minimum institutional GPA of 2.5 (transfer GPA is not considered)
  • be in the process of enrolling in a study abroad program for which they will receive academic credit
Please be sure to apply for the IEF AFTER applying for a study abroad program!
  • you are responsible for paying all fees associated with your study abroad experience if payment due prior to the disbursement of your IEF award
  • you may be required to repay certain IEF funds should you drop or withdraw from any classes while studying abroad
  • by accepting the IEF grant, you are required to complete five hours of service to the Office of Internationalization
Students must submit a completed application by deadline before their application is reviewed.  Deadlines and updated information will be posted.