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Grizzlies have traveled to many places in Africa, Europe, South and Central Americas, and Asia. Explore their adventures.

The Office of Internationalization is your passport to #GGCabroad opportunities. One of our missions is to increase the number of GGC students participating in Study Abroad programs across disciplines and expand student participation in a broad range of other international opportunities, including but not limited to internships, research fellowships and service learning.


Top Ten Reasons to Study Abroad

By now you have heard that studying abroad is a "life-changing" experience. How exactly will #GGCabroad change YOUR life?
  1. Learn more about yourself
  2. Learn about a new culture
  3. Learn a new language
  4. Come out of your comfort zone
  5. Make new friends
  6. Enhance your resume
  7. Learn about your heritage
  8. Travel to new destinations
  9. Embrace the challenge
  10. Come one step closer to completing the:
    1. Global Studies Certification
    2. Certificate in Latin American Studies
    3. Peace Corps Prep Program