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Finance Study Abroad


Financial Aid and Requirements

Financial Aid

GGC students can use their federal and state aid, including the HOPE Scholarship, for study abroad. Financial aid can be used on any study abroad program for which the student will receive academic credit. Students studying abroad for an academic year are eligible to apply for both the fall and spring grant competitions. Interested students should make an appointment to meet with Office of Internationalization or Financial Aid.

Important Note: While most students are able to use financial aid to assist with the cost of studying abroad, it is very likely that the student will need to cover these expenses up front and be reimbursed at a later date by financial aid or other scholarships. Due to federal regulations, these funds very rarely come through in time to use them to cover study abroad expenses in advance. Students should be aware of this and make arrangements to have their expenses covered in the meantime.


Securing Financial Aid for Study Abroad

Students should complete their FAFSA application well in advance of their term abroad. They should verify how their financial aid package will apply to their study abroad program. This is easily accomplished by meeting with a Financial Aid counselor.

International Education Fee (IEF) Stipends 

The GGC Study Abroad Grant Program is funded by a mandatory international education fee (IEF). The program has limited funds, and applications will be accepted as long as there are funds. Application deadlines are as follows:
Term Abroad Deadline
Fall April 15th
Spring November 15th
Summer/Maymester March 15th

Criteria for IEF Stipends

All IEF stipend applicants must:
  1. Have been enrolled the previous semester and be working toward completion of a degree program at GGC,
  2. Have earned 24 credit hours, 
  3. Have a minimum institutional GPA of 2.5 (transfer GPA not considered),
  4. Be in the process of enrolling in a study abroad program for which they will receive academic credit. 

  • Meeting eligibility requirements and submitting an application do not guarantee an award.
  • IEF funds may not be used towards study in countries that are currently under a U.S. Department of State Travel Warning.
  • Maximum number of awards per student during his/her time at GGC: 2

Award Amounts

If approved for an IEF stipend, students may receive the following amounts:
  • Less than 28 days: $500
  • 28-41 days: $700
  • 42 days or longer: up to $1,500 (depending on availability of funds)

Considerations for determining award amounts for programs lasting four weeks or longer:

  • Financial need (based on applicant’s financial aid package),
  • Program sponsor (GGC or other),
  • Program location (traditional or non-traditional),
  • Previous international experience and OI funding,
  • Number of credits being earned (applicable only to maymester and summer programs)

Other Study Abroad Scholarships and Funding Sources

Students should contact the Office of Internationalization to inquire about other types of external scholarships and funding sources.